Startup businesses enjoyed a resurgence in 2019, according to the annual Simply Business Start-up Index, which shows the first rise in annual growth since the start of the recession in 2008. 

The research finds:

  • A 3% increase in UK startups like this one in 2019
  • A 19% increase in businesses started by retirement-age entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurship no longer confined to London with strong regional growth reported

Jason Stockwood, CEO of Simply Business, commented: “Our results suggest that Government initiatives such as Start-up Britain have inspired would-be entrepreneurs to make their business dreams a reality. It’s now crucial that this support and encouragement continues into 2012 so these fledgling businesses can fulfil their potential.”

Jason Stockwood added: “With ever increasing life expectancy and more flexibility around retirement, it’s interesting that those in the 60 plus age bracket are considering a second career as an entrepreneur. Starting a business can be hugely rewarding at any age and those with so much experience behind them are in a fantastic position to make it a success.

“It is also encouraging to see London is no longer monopolising entrepreneurism and other regions are giving the capital a run for its money. This trend will hopefully continue as aspiring business owners see success stories springing up around them.”